On April 6 2014 we will be performing major upgrades to PHP and Apache to increase performance, security and better tracking of user processes.
It is highly recomended that any PHP scripts such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc. be upgraded to there latest releases to limit any compatability issues.

The following upgrades will be performed.

Apache upgrade to 2.4.7
Libpng upgrade to 1.2.51
libxslt upgrade to 1.1.28
libxml2 upgrade to 2.9.1
cURL upgrade to 7.36.0
FreeType upgrade to 2.5.3
Dovecot upgrade to 2.2.12
PHP 5.4 (mod_php) upgrade to 5.4.27
Mod_Ruid2 Install 0.9.8 - To track and limit user processes

After the upgrades the upgrades have been performed any files and or directories that are currently owned by Apache will need to be reset to the default permisions and ownership. Directories with permisions of 777 will need to be reset to 755 and files set to 644.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

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